Ah… There you go again.. proving your point..

Sometimes you expect people to put you in a league.. and you feel confident of possessing  certain qualities that are recognised by everyone.. and when you find that people who are so close to you don’t really think like that, ithurts.. you feel let down by your own self.. you doubt your own judgements of yourself..
You doubt your own analysis of self. if what you thought of yourself all this while was really  not what you were..
coz you really don’;t expect some people to doubt your credibilities in some areas.. It’s like asking someone who’s a good swimmer, if he needs a life jacked in a pool that’s almost demeaning..
It’s heart-breaking more when you know that you’ve made the most amount of effort trying to put that one single point across the most to that one person who commented .. But that’s life.. No one talks about your tries.. people are only concerned with the results.. They only talk about how many times did you succeed.. Not how many times you tried.. 🙂

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