I prefer not to smile

Purity of a child's smile

No! I personally prefer to smile…  It’s people who don’t prefer it.

For everyone their world is a mess. Life’s a struggle in which you find a few moments of happiness. I look at life as a beautiful journey with small bits of awkward, hard, harsh times, here and there scattered. But primarily it is a wonderful thing and not a struggle. It sails through.. Even if you do not do your chores for one single day, you don’t go to work, you don’t clean your  room, nothing changes. Life still gives you enough reasons to smile!

I see the kid on the road running with an old torn cycle tyre, rolling it on the road and running with it. The happiest kid you’ll see around. Another is amused by a thermocol lump and is busy kicking it and seeing it take off in a haste and falling down back slowly in a strange projectile.

Another couple of kids are busy drawing figures on the road with a brick and laughing and enjoying their day, under the bright sun. That is life. I am sure none of our lives have been or are tougher than the lives of these kids who barely get to eat 3 meals a day! And we who splurge on McDonald’s and Subways and the likes, don’t find enough satisfaction and happiness. We who have computers and iPads, find our lives boring. With a shelf full of books, and a TV set with 100 channels, a newspaper, a few magazines, a mobile phone with games and applications on it, sulk at how life sucks!!!

Just how much does one need to bring a smile on one’s face? It is but in the mind. If you do not care for that one meaningful second about every other concern that clouds your everyday life. If you chose to put that  aside for that one moment, and not give into worrying, realizing that worry won’t solve it, neither will it help you find a solution. If you can move into a world where the road is the golden brick road, the park is the meadow, buildings, the castles, then you shall experience bliss for that one moment which will replenish your senses and bring that zeal of life back in you. It’s ambrosia to say the least, to experience the intensity of that brief moment in all its subtleties. And it is required to experience that every now and then to help you realise just how simple life is, and just how complicated we’ve made it with our thoughts, beliefs and pre-concieved notions about things, about people, about relationships, about nature, about life as to how it should be lived. There is no rule, there is no prototype, there is no blueprint. Life is as it comes. Life is every moment you live. Life is every choice you make. Life is every breath you take. Live it, don’t curse it, don’t complain about it, don’t whine about it, don’t stay there, leave and move. Go to new pastures and everyday offers you a new pasture. You just have to smile and step into it.. and then run! Run like you loved your life like never before.. run like you were a kid again.. run like all you cared about is feeling the air hit your face and blow your air. That’s life!!!

So smile.. it makes you feel an ounce of what a run will make you feel.. it also makes the others feel a little like that.. It gives them a moment of slight joy. A forgetful yet a moment of being happy and gay for no reason!


Have a smiling day!


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