It’s Okay

For those of you who are wondering what exactly is on my mind right now.. Today when i’m on the verge of leaving this place Delhi for my higher education. Here’s a bit of the plethora of emotions i’m under the influence of at the moment, and my thoughts of why i don’t want to leave this place and go. Knowing that there is where i have been wanting to be.. for a long long time.! And yet this place, these past 3.5 years, have to be arguably the best in my 25 years of life on this earth, holds me back with an inertia so strong, I am almost getting drained of my energy fighting it silently sitting here.

It’s Okay  is probably the only phrase that i should repeat to myself through these days to assuage the emotional drainage and the pain of parting associated with this event in my life. I have another chapter starting in my life, and I don’t wish to close this. I wish this to run parallel to that, and yet no matter what i say and how ideally i picture it. I need to realize that there will be a few pages which will never be revisited and will have to be turned forever.

The weekend get-together(s), the sunday breakfasts at McDonald’s, the long drives on the highway, the weekend trips, the all day breakfast menu in the house, the movies and the parties, and birthday surprises and the night-outs, the long conversations and arguments over varied topics, random dances and actings, and photoshoots and shoppings. I have to stop to let this go off. It just takes me back to those days.

I certainly want to reminisce, not yet though. I’d rather do it on a quiet  evening sitting in the faraway land feeling lonely and desolate. Then! Then this will help bring a tear or two to my eye and a smile along with it.

These years have made me realise what friends are, and how friends should be. I wish and pray and hope everyone gets a taste of such pleasureable, friendship in the form of at least one friend in their lives.!


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