Method to madness!

Lets leave serious shit to the toilet seats and flush them down!!! (I love the sound of flush btw, very satisfying it is! Whatte!!) .

Talk about weird things people do man! like whacky weird things… i’m serious..

  • Ever heard of a girl sleeping every night holding on to her pony? Pony tail dude.. come on dirty fellas.. go get a life! Dumass rat holes.. ! That’s the most freaky sight i can ever imagine. I’m happy i never slept right next to that girl (Whatte!!! right next only, not WITH.. shut up and mind your language.. ! )
  • Every heard of a girl not be affected in her slumber, seeing a monkey enter her room? Oh and go on and say “It came and did what it wanted to and left! “… Boy you’re open to a lot of stuff ain’t ya!!!
  • Every heard of a girl sleeping peacefully and suddenly get up and walk down to the shelf  and pull out “Baygon” Spray (mosquito repellent for the Amrikans) and spray all over her and go back to sleep?? EVER heard of such stuff???
  • Every heard of a guy sleeping peacefully and a couple of hours later you see, he’s gotten off the bed and standing next to it, bending on the bed and sleeping, without even realizing he is sleeping like that?
  • Ever heard of a guy sleeping with his hands inside his pants exploring his behind! I don’t know exploring or not.. but tucked in there somewhere.  (Ewwwwww!!!! factor 9/10)
  • Ever heard of a guy sleep walking and then when prompted that it’s morning and time for office, he actually goes and starts getting ready for office at midnight!
  • Ever heard of a guy sleeping so sound that objects thrown at him from the ventilator of a room, don’t bother him till one hits his face after which he goes “Huh??”.
  • Of superstitions of how many times to tap the bat before the ball is bowled.
  • Of superstitions of how many times to tap the feet before starting the run up to a bowl.
  • Of people wanting to end chats on a whole number time on the watch. 11:30 instead of 11:27 ?
  • Of people sleeping straight like a dead body through the night and never turning around.
  • Of people waking up off their own snore? and complaining about how people snored and woke them up!
  • Of people who cannot shit in the morning on the toilet seat without taking a drag of smoke (Ewwwww… Factor 8/10)
  • Of people who don’t mind talking on the phone while standing and peeing or sitting and you-know-what ( Ewwwww!!! factor 9/10)
  • Of people who can’t walk on the border of  the tiles like Jack Nicholson in “As good as it gets!”

More shall be added later! 🙂

Friday it is.. and that’s all i’ll write for the day!


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