Bright Side of the Moon

The silver lining in a bad situation or a break down i guess is the best part of it all.

My pair of headphones in the office is not in the best of shapes. It has a loose connection near the jack which plugs into the cabinet. And there were instances when it’d just switch off or suddenly go low on volume or switch off a component of the song. And i’d dislike it, coz it’d break the rhythm.
But today i was listening to Pink Floyd – The Dark side of the Moon. And this this suddenly acts weird and it switches off the lead vocals of the Gilmor and just throws out the background score. And this is turning out to be divinely spacey and transy.. This is just beautiful. The echoes, the piano, the loops and the guitar. Us and them and the spiralling world is divinely satisfying to envision through your ears.
Some technical glitches are good.. 🙂

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