Cheers to a roommate

A roommate of mine, Vivek, left for Bhubaneshwar yesterday night. I felt nothing when he was leaving, no sadness, no happiness nothing. It was just an “Okay bye!!!”
I went back to my bed and Abhijat started talking.Endlessly!!! On GD topics which he’d found on pagalguy. He’s preparing for his GD and PI for MBA admissions and has been engaging me in lengthy conversations and arguments with him. (You fell for it didn’t you? The conversations are NOT interesting bud!!!) The discussion is more of an analysis than a debate. It is more of his preparation for the GD imposed on me. And I am left with my ears trying to hear him and my mind trying to listen to him while my hands won’tstop messaging and checking for emails and FB updates on my mobile and mind too won’t stop anticipating those updates and messages no matter how irrelevant they are.
I’m left a little irritated half way through it, because I would’ve liked it if it were not a planned debate. Also coz I cannot concentrate on my chats with my friends. I do not want to engage in serious discussions after a day’s work at the office, but then I relent since it is his life and I know just how much he’s struggled and worked to get there.  I cannot help but help him with it. More because he’s mentioned the lack of company in preparing for the interviews and exams.
And through this multi-channel chain of events and thoughts,somewhere at the back of my mind I have a certain thought which tries to push itself forward and get my attention. It tried hard to fight its way up and get there so that I give it the due time it requires, yet I don’t. I ignore it and it still tries. I finally relent for a few seconds. It storms right in front and throws up a statement “Dude your roommate just left. You might never see this guy again in your life. A person you spent more than 2 years of your life with. Fought, argued, smiled, dined, laughed, supported, reasoned, teamed up,travelled and sat on evenings having light conversations with. That guy is close to the end of his chapter in your life. You never were great friends, but you were friends. You were roommates. You decided together what to have for dinner, which fridge to buy, which bulb to change, what to buy at the department store, what each other worked on, and complained about the world to each other on bad days. You did all that. You shared a bit of your life with that person. He left a bit of him with you, and you gave a bit of you to him.Does that hold any… ANY significance at all? Doesn’ t it matter that he won’t be actively contributing to those discussions, the decisions, the fights, the arguments, the laughs and pranks anymore?”
I did feel a hint of sadness then. I did feel that a friend was going. Had gone. That there would be one less person I’d see everyday, one less person I’d talk to everyday, one less person I would meet everyday.
I realized it is important to acknowledge that someone was part of your life, that someone contributed even if it was just as small as the sound of a clap of one single guy in a football match, it still is a contribution to the bigger cheer. He did his bit in improving you, in teaching you, in your learning. And he deserves more than the share of that bit in thanks, in gratitude in return, a hug probably. Which I gave him and a shirt as a token. I hope it fits him and he likes it.
Best of luck dude!!!
The guy who was lucky to have been one of only the 2 persons I sat and had a drink with.
Cheers to another roommate in my life!!!  You were good too…

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