Poems for the Dad!!!

We had poems like “If” – Rudyard Kipling in our curriculum and my dad used to explain to me the meaning of poems and I’d notunderstand it in the beginning and be frank about it. He’d then proceed toexplain it in a more plain language and then I’d slowly begin to understand andby the third attempt I’d have understood it and would say “Wow… that is so deepdad!!!” and my dad would look at me for a second and then flash a smile.. And notwhen I think about it I feel he’d be thinking in his head “Yeah you do?? Well kiddoI know you don’t get one darn word of what this guy is talking about or I’mexplaining, but look at your face!!! Look at that expression of having understoodit so well.  Sigh!!! God help ya son!!!” 😀

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