Achmed the Terrorist is arguably one of the best pieces of stand ups i have seen. Its a wonderful bit of comedy. Jeff Dunham is best at this art, best i have seen so far.
Its a mix of a wonderful subject of comedy and ventriloquism. An art forgotten by this world in a sense. There are spurts of such artists here and there. You would still find a few in the villages in india, those who love to play with kids with their talent, leaving them guessing where the voice is coming from.
I remember having the skill to do it as a kid and i had forgotten about it through my later school years. I recently visited Canada and there sitting on the toilet seat (obviously the best place to be yourself, even if the WHOLE room is just to yourself), and looking at myself in the mirror (just my face okay), i began to ventriloquize out of nowhere. And after 5 min i sat there surprised with myself. I had done it impulsively. I didn’t realize i was doing it until i realized i was. Yeah!!!
And i sat there thinking that there was this skill i possessed once upon a time and though i am not as good, i still can do it. And i can hope to get better with it in time with practice.
It’s surprising how a brief period of staying alone can help you discover the various facets of your own personality, the various traits, skills and talents you possess and how you manage to engage yourself and entertain yourself with them.
I kept talking to myself there in that room and i did end up ventriloquizing a lot. But then again it didn’t happen again after that day till date. And today i encountered this video, which urges me to practice it again and improve on the art. It might just be helpful in entertaining a bunch of kids someday when i visit and orphanage!!! 🙂
WOW to all that we can do…!!!
Discover that mad side and you shall be maddened !!!The rock the on!!!
By the By …
The Akshay


One thought on “Achmed the Terrorist

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