I was at the Duty Free shop at IGI and i called up Abhijat, and asked him which one did he want? I got what he wanted and got back home. Evening came in soon and we were sitting together i guess after a very very long time. We’d ordered Chilly Paneer and pop opened the Jack Daniels.
A peg a person (yes me too 🙂 a small one though, smaller than a small peg… !!!) and Cheers was the shout!!! “Cheers to Akshay!!!” we drank the ale.. and talked.
The guy’s talk started and the voices rose in volume and authority. People were getting high. Abhijat was cracking better jokes and Vivek was just getting lousier with his “Hey that happened to me too!!!” and Ranjan with his references to his college. But it was fun!!! to see drunk guys after so long.. 🙂
The jokes and the laughs were just awesome… I realised my roommates were wonderful.. afterall.. i just hadn’t given them enough time.. or had never noticed all this while just how good they were.. Its a strange realisation. you feel good and bad both. Good that you have them, and the good times you spent with them. Bad that you could’ve done better, given them more time, given them more importance, more weekends and more meals together.
It was a nice evening. the people were getting high and the jokes were just amazing!!! Abhijat is superlative when at his best.. And i love that guy for his sense of humor and his spontaneity. He takes things lightly and loves to talk rubbish.. something i like to have around me.. 🙂
Cheers to the roommates i have had and have!!! 

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