School Children

This follows from what i wrote for the One Good Thing a Day today.

I later went tohave a cup of tea from the tea vendors lined up on the road next to my company’sbuilding. I saw a bunch of school kids carrying placards and walking in a line,led by their teachers. They were campaigning for cleanliness and reducingpollution. They walked up to the tea vendors and started asking them questionslike “Where do you dispose these cups people drink tea in?”. The vendors weremostly teenage boys and were excited and shy both at the same time. Theyobviously had no answers coz none of them know the bigger picture. And justthen I heard a very confident voice speaking in impeccable English, I turnedaround to find a guy narrating the events that were happening there like a TVreporter and one of his friends taking a video of his delivering the report. Iwas amazed at how confident and fluent this guy was at such a young age. Hewent on describing the events and I didn’t wait too long. I was just simplyimpressed by it all.
You realise how those small events, functions, walks, assemblies, prayers, debates, speeches, march pasts, annual events etc added up to your personality over time and how they have contributed in small bits here and there and given you that extra confidence, experience, knowledge, passion, endurance, in ways you never realized or acknowledged. Guess that’s why they say, “you learn something every minute of your life”. 🙂

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