Teeth and Brushes

This post reminds me of an evening at National Apartments, Dwaraka, the home of the 4 beautiful ladies.
I was as usual at their place over the weekend, and we had made the beds and were ready to call it a day any time now, i got up and went to brush my teeth. The rest were sitting around and chatting. I came back in and lay down on the bed, getting involved in the conversation. Tulika was sitting next to my head. She slowly started stroking my hair, and through the conversation said “Aaa karo”, I opened my mouth and pop it went in, a piece of Dairy Milk, and then came the laugh.

I knew my obsession with brushing my teeth before going to sleep will have me face pranks and cases taken. πŸ™‚ But it’s difficult to believe now that i am actually obsessed with brushing my teeth before sleeping. So much that there have been nights when i have fallen asleep watching a movie or reading a book and i have woken up in ten min because in sleep i realised i had forgotten to brush my teeth. I drag myself to the wash basin and brush and get back to the bed. I am sure this is one of the most prolific achievements in my mother’s parenting career. Her insistence on brushing the teeth everyday at night before sleep, never worked on me till i saw the results of not following her advice and i ended up having 2 sittings at the dentist for cavity filling. The doc added that i had a border line case of Root Canal, and that there was a thin film of teeth preventing from it growing into a full Root Canal. My sister had had a RCT done when she was in school and i had accompanied her to her sittings. I was fed up sitting with my mouth open for getting my cavity filled up, i couldn’t take the feeling of the dry air blowing on a filed teeth, and the drill going through my teeth, fearing that my tongue might decide to turn that way and get a hole drilled in. And keeping the mouth open for that long just wasn’t fun. It was the most frustrating 15 min of my life.
That day i decided that i am going to delay the next visit by as long as possible. The only advice the dentist gave me was to brush after every meal. Since that is difficult considering i have lunch at office, i made sure i did it at home every night. That now has turned into a habit, i can’t let go, nor do i wish to. πŸ™‚


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