Loop of Life

Not to lose our hope this time again

We push too hard while knowing it’s easy
The insurance of makes believe
The extra mile we walk
Just takes us back to the place we were

We try and talk but we try and avoid
We want to explain but we just refrain
We gulp it down as a sacrifice
Only for it to burn inside

The guilt just bottles up even more
We try to hold it but we can’t no more
And it bursts one day and we let it out
Holding no bars but sorrows galore

The guilt turns to grudge
And you want to forgive but you just cannot
You crunch that fist and hit it hard
You know you’ve lost it when you knew you had it all

Another story comes to an end
And the new one has a chance to be born
And die again the disrespectful death
But you end up giving it the life you don’t and the death you hate.’>Trials


2 thoughts on “Loop of Life

  1. That's the magic A road from light unto dark and back to the shining dawnPush hard we must Even if we take a step forwardAnd end up a couple of steps backwardBut if at the closing I feel no guiltI will know that I have done somewhat good

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