Its time for resolutions again… :)

Its new years time and the resolutions are back… Only this time i’m more determined (hell yeah!!! you must be thinking, one more of those fake determinations to keep up the resolve). Lets just leave it at that for the moment, i wont really comment on how much i intend on keeping the reolutions. We’ll see that through the end of the year.

Here are the ones for this year :

1) Improve the levels of patience :

This undoubtedly has to top the list. I have had a low patience level for most of my life and its high time i really worked on it. And i wont really find a better time to work on it considering i’m going nowhere at the moment in my career and i really need to wait and watch for somethings to shape up. Also I have realised Murphy’s Law which has governed most of my life, also happens sometimes because of lack of patience. You take an auto and just then you see your bus going past you. Only for those extra 10 seconds  you could’ve avoided the frustration of sitting in the auto having to pay 6 times over the cost of the bus ticket. So i need to find time to meditate and sit in silence for times longer than i can.

2) Save Money

I have been working for more than 2 years now and i look back at my savings to be near nothing. Its strange how much capacity one has to spend persistently on food. I have realised that most of my expenditures are on food and avoidable stuff like a real juice everyday at office accompanied with a packet of biscuit. A pizza or an expensive meal at some eat out in the city every weekend. A few sweets from the Bengali sweet shop in the sector near mine or a 5 Star bar while buying vegetables from the market. Small things but pile up to be BIG.

3) Reduce abuses

I think they come in quite often when i’m on the road on a bike or when i’m talking to myself rather than when i’m in conversation with another person. That i think needs to b curtailed for you never know when I might come out with one of those choicest vocabs in front of someone i shouldn’t have. Embarrassing to the code it’d be.

4) Be less judgemental

I realise i have become very judgemental and a snob as they have called me on occasions. I need to be less judgemental and more grounded and neutral in my daily life. Just to observe things and not form an opinion about it unless its a matter of concern for me. That i need to understand to accept things the way they are, and not expect them to be the way i want them to be.

5)Delay Procrastination

I have to put this one into practice with immediate effect. One example is i wrote this blog post instead of postponing it any longer. I have lost a lot to procrastination. I would now have been expecting a call from one of the colleges in the US had i not chosen procrastination over timely things-to-do.

5) Read more

I really need to read more and reduce my addiction to FB and Gmail. There is a lot that i want to read about and i have enough resources to help me do it. But its just sad that the whole procrastination and laziness aspect creeps in and i avoid reading. Need to work on inducing more passion in myself about the things i do and choose to do.

6) Learn guitar

One dream i have had for a very very long time now. I think i can do it and it shouldn’t take me long to learn and achieve the desired results with the instrument. All it possibly needs is consistent practice and determined effort, both of which are a weak link with me. But we need to start somewhere, so let this be the beginning.

Good Luck dude…

Guys remind me everytime i break any of these resolutions, because as most of you must know, i have a memory problem and thats really selective. 🙂

Auf wiedersehen !!!


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