We all love wearing Adidas and Reebok… I;m sure none of us know any indian brand of shoe-makers. And none of us would also devy the fact that there are no shoe-makers in India. Agra is the biggest shoemaker land of India. And most of rural and lower middle class India prefers wearing the “Agra ke joote”. Yet we would not quite trust if someone said that the Agra ke joote were just as good as Adidas floaters or Reebok Floaters. Probably if you ask the shoe-experts, they might even recommend the Agra shoes for the leather quality (unless of course if the expert is being paid by one of these big brands).
Why are the indian shoe companies phasing out of the market and the Foreign ones coming in? Not just shoes, its the same with garments and cosmetics alike. L’oreal??? wow amazing… Parle or Dabur product?? not as good…
French Connection?? Arrow?? amazing… i don’t know any indian brands of garment i’m sorry…  ( or even if i know i cant recollect it with as much ease as the above 2 brands). Well that’s exactly what i’m talking about. Just because i see lots of advertisements of Arrow and Allen Solly and the likes of them, that i begin to trust the brand.
Every advertisement has a tag line or an offer to offer, or a photograph to impress you, or Mr SRK standing in the suit or whatever shit. But just because its branded well we assume it is good. None of us think about the quality after we’ve bought it, coz after the buy you’re just busy flaunting it and letting the immediate world around you know that you’re inside an Allen Solly or a Peter England. Also if i sell you a Peter england shirt for 150 bucks, you’d straightaway refuse it. Because the branding first told you that “If you want good stuff, you gotta pay for it!!!”.  Slowly this line metamorphosed into “If a stuff is expensive it must be good”. I’m reminded of one of those reasoning questions you get in all these millions of entrance exams for MBA in India. “If A causes B, then does NOT B casue Not A??”. I;m sure i’m illegible here but also sure that you certainly got what i wanted to put trhu to you.. 🙂
Having stated the above theory of branding and the result, I now give you a situation “American Poverty”. An Oxymoron. Isn’t that what you’r thinking it is??? Well I recently happened to see a documentary on the increased usage of Methamphetamine in the US. This reporter from BBC,  Luis Therox surveyed a  town in Chicago where the methamphetamine is almost a daily supplement of sorts for the residents.
The people of the city were so highly addicted to the drug that their children were being born addicted. There is this couple in the town who take 5 shots of meth daily. The man takes them right into his blood stream and the lady takes them as tablets. And they are happy about it. The guy doesn’t even get high on it anymore. And he seems to be spending $300 per week on just the drugs. There are rehabilitation centres all over the place where the broken families are being tried to mend with very less success rate. THIS is America.
People walk into the Times Square, or the Broadway or the Silicon Valley and call it America (although the latter seems to have been completely colonised by Indians and South Asians now). America to me is a dilapidated form of India where the gap between the poor and the rich is just as wide as in any other democracy. The fact that recession has left Mr.Obama begging india for jobs is a testimony to the condition America is in now. All america has to offer to the world at the moment is its educational institutions and the degrees they offer. The American Dollar is falling down and thats something no Obama can control at the moment.
Its just the sheer dependence on the prosperity brand that America has been living on so far. The Land of Dreams, The Land of Opportunities is now a land of lost opportunities and mistakes and broken families, criminals and rapists, and promiscuous perverts. There are only a few people here and there who still have somthing to offer. Internet is the only industry apart from weaponry which seems to be working in America, the latter because of the Iraqs and Afghanistans, thanks to some Bush and CIA faking the Weapons of Mass destruction findings and the excuse of chasing Osama Bin Laden, when he’s hiding in pakistan under the aegis of the ISI.
Like the governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura stated, “We (America) are not able to capture Osama only because we don’t want to. For the technology and the equipment that we possess I don’t think it shouldn’t have taken us more than 6 months to capture the guy.” in an interview. Youtube it if you’ve doubts about me quoting him. It was the branding by Bush, his government and the CIA and the Fear Factor that they succeeded in creating around the whole “Terrorism” term that did the trick. What could be a better example than to  see the Indian news channels flashing the images of 9/11 on every anniversary of the event, while none of them bother to even report the anniversary of tragedies like the Bombay train bombings, Parliament attacks and now the 26/11. Its strange how America through sheer branding has Americanized the whole world. I truly believe that BJP was good in carrying out the slogan of “India Shining”. I liked the idea od branding India as a land of dreams and opportunities. At least we were begining to feel that people have a differnt view of India, and they were.
We need to make the world realise that India is more than just snake charmers,  elephants and rishis. Its also the hub of software consultancy and we have one of the highest computer literacy rates in the world. That we are now the opportunity. That we are moving towards a change. That the diversity is moer about unity, the youth is the force of the nation. We’re shaping it in many ways. I wont rule out the corruption and the illigal acts of the ministers and the lax government which puts the public and its interest almost out of its agenda unless of course when asking for votes. But i think we’ve had enough of that india now and we all need a transformation of that image for the benefit of India and Indians. In short, we need to start branding our country as the land of opportunities and dreams. Thats what we need to do to keep the future Obamas begging us for the job. its the time when India needs to be the centre of the world again and i’m sure we will.


2 thoughts on “Branding…

  1. Some things need no branding. Like thumbs up, sreeleathers and khaadi silk and tussar and biriyani and mysore paak and…. Ok hungry now but you get the drift.

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