Dil Chahta Hai…

Directorial debut of Farhan Akhtar, who almost created his Magnum Opus with the film. A film which became a cult in India among the urban youth, a rule book of sorts of how friends should be, and what real friendship looks like.
A story of 3 young guys, who’re friends from college and have no time for serious business whatsoever. All of them rich and well-off, with money being the last thing on their minds. The story opens up with the present and goes into the flashback (somehow,  a flashback in a movie gives a great feeling, a feeling for something to lookout for). The movie then comes back into the present with a very emotional end to it.
3 guys, Sameer, Siddarth, Akash. Sameer (Saif Ali Khan), who’s always  in and out of love,  Siddarth (Akshaye Khanna) is an artist(painter) and Akash (Amir Khan) who’s got no particular hobby or characteristic except that he has the most impeccable timing for one-liners and great sense of  humour in the film.
The pre-intermission part is all fun with their stories being told after they graduate from their college, where Amir Khan choses to go and announce on the micrcophone “Just Chill yaar!!!” and then goes into “Koi kah e Kehta Rahe, hamko to kitna bhi diwana…. ” , a complete contrast from a similar scene from his first movie where he sang “Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega….” on the same graduation party, and surprisingly none of them sounded an anachronism in their respective eras. Times change…
We are introduced to one of the best soundtrack albums by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio… One of the best songs of the time, “Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe”, with a very catchy dance sequence,  charges you up and almost wakes you up and gets you ready for the action ahead. And then Amir Khan pitches in and does the dare of proposing to Preity in the party. A scene which leaves you in splits, especially when Amir tries to cover up his act of defiance and fails miserably.
You are then cruised into Goa by the trio planing a trip and the beautiful title song plays in the background.. You get that feel of a dream world, a desire to experience a similar vacation with friends, all carefree and fun-filled. Its a strong desire which never seems to quench no matter what you do. And then that scene in the Goa Fort where the three sit on the wall and stare into the horizon. Almost a living wallpaper you want to put on your room wall sorts, if only Harry Potter was a true story.
And then Saif falls in for a firang girl and is robbed of his belongings. And before all this the realisation that Saif undergoes after Aamir wakes him up from the sleep. Real good piece of dialogue there and so expertly delivered by Amir. Sounds pure unadulterated Fun!!!
Now enters Dimple Kapadia, the sex-icon of the yester-years. Frankly speaking she looks good even now. I say that with a tinkle. 🙂 Akshaye Khanna with his paintings and the art gallery, bonds with Dimple and then Moves into the Birthday where we discover that Dimple is a divorcee and the 3 guys then celebrate her birthday and at the end of the day, the Slap comes in from Akshaye Khanna which leaves you agape and speculating the story to come.
We now move into Saif’s story, the one serious story he has. Its fun to come accross a character like Subodh, and the way Saif deals with him. Best being the scene where the guy points out, while driving through the city, the place and date when they first met and the Saif asks him “Tumhe time nahi yaad hai Subodh???”, with sarcasm so evident it’ll be difficult for a sloth not to react to it, but our Subodh is courteous enough to give in and answer the question with all seriousness.
Soon we are taken to the Amir Khan story. Here’s where my interesting part of the movie starts, considering Preity Zinta has been the most long standing favoritte of mine, almost since Madhuri Dixit left the industry. Well there’s more to this part than just Preity Zinta. This part comes through  as a very touching part of the whole story. The song “Jaane Kyun.. ” makes you fall in love with Sydney and the couple. And then the scene in the underground train station where Amir shows the best of his timings telling the beggar ” She scared you right.. ??? Don’t worry i’m here now… “.
And then the opera, which is not as intense as you want it to be, but the scene after that is beautiful, where the gorgeous looking Preity asks him about who he saw when he closed his eyes. Its a certain realisation, that I think most of us have had, and more often than not its surprising what the result turns out to be. Knowing what the result would be, its surprising to encounter the truth first hand. Moving on, Tanhai is the song that pulls you into the story even more before Amir is invited by Preity over for dinner and thats when you really want them to come together. You begin to wish that they’d come together by the end of the story and so it happens but in a dramatic fashion which is a little unrealistic looking at how realistic the whole movie is this far. A marriage being pulled off on the eve is a typical bollywood setting and its almost a patented one. No bollywood movie is allowed to break it and almost no Hollywood movie is allowed to adopt it. But finally we have Amir saying the same words he said in the Disc at the beigining of the movie, and post that we see Amir deciding to meet Akshaye, and thats when you are brought back into the friendship field.
After all these crests and troughs of emotions you sit and rewind the movie and you realise that there is such a variety of aspects of youth that the movie deals with and projects to you. First half hour is all about the fun and carelessness of college life and the immediate life after it. Then comes in the Marriage as is with Saif and the walk up to it. One which is very fairy tale-ish as is expected from his character. Akshaye’s character gives you a very honest picture of what a lot of us would go through in our lives and yet might never come out with it or acknowledge it, for it sounds a taboo to all of us.
Amir’s story is one where it truly comes to what and how most of us know love as. Its a silent feeling. Its just with you. You don’t share it unless you’re really really sure of it. And sometimes you never do it, because you are so sure that you don’t want to lose it. Preity’s is a story which is true in a lot of households (not the karz chukana part. We’re just talking love and marriage here) An arranged marriage with a guy who’s overly possessive about the bride.
All in all, its a complete journey and there are points which i have missed out on, but thats just to leave something to you just in case you havent already watched the movie, or have missed out on the minute details OR have forgotten it having watched it years back, and like me, would want to relive the movie.

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