Home Alone!!!

I always thought staying alone was fun!!! big time fun… “door ke dhol suhaane lagte hain” some indian is supposed to’ve said.. i discovered the truth recently..

I was elated at the prospect of shifting to noida and staying all alone…. Somehow the company that you stay in affects you on a day to day basis always… whether you interact with them or not.. positive, negative, neutral whatever… it affects you and your psychology… it affected mine too.. i wasn’t quite happy staying in Malviya Nagar.. something was not right…
i discovered that i needed to move alone into a separate appartment.. that i was looking for time for myself … the travel through noida to Malviya nagar was taking too much of a toll on me.. and it was leaving me with no time for myself… no time to sit and read the newspaper in leisure or sit and conteplate over the past or plan the future …. i was busy, always…
Moreover the CAT preparation pressure was building up on me… and i had to find a solution to improve the existing conditions.. i finally decided to move out of malviya nagar and into Noida.. i dint wanna go far into Noida.. rather wanted to stay close to delhi… so decided to take a single room in sector 15 (the entrance of noida) …
I moved in on 11 th oct a Sunday… and i could feel the negative vibes hitting me right away…
I never wanted to shift into Noida… alone yeah but not in noida… i just don’t like this place, i dunno why but i just don like this place.. it doesn’t have the ambience of a plesant place to stay in.. and the crime rate is too high.. safety is a distant cry.. you cant venture out after 10.. its just not safe… irrespective of your gender…

And the time was just not right for me move alone in a place which i dint associate myself with..

the pressure at work was just too much with questions being raised bout my performance and productivity which again was useless considering i was moved into a new team only a week back… so nothing was working for me… work pressure, new place, no arrangements for food, lot of money invested, and nothing in place….

So it was a sad situation… I dint have internet either to let me communicate with the rest of the world.. But then i knew sulking won’t help things.. i had to finally change the way i was thinking…. and i was making good efforts at it.. i recently got an internet connection and its much better a feeling to be sitting and writing this blog than sitting quite staring at the ceiling and doing nothing sat all (thats after you’ve read the reader’s digest and the novel to the extent i ccould)…

Today i’m well settled there with everything in place but i now have realsed that its after alll not all fun and freedom staying all alone though thats sure to come soon… ( i’ll soon find myself dancing in the towel early in the morning without caring two hoots bout a soul in the world or sleeping nude for that matter :P)

But on the whole i’m looking forward to decorating my room Wake Up Sid style and having some fun staying alone talking to me, bloggin more often and writing dairies and reading novels.. all this apart from the studies… đŸ™‚


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