Human Nature

Today I had a chat with one of my school friends. I was online on yahoo and I suddenly got a ping from him. We were communicating after a period of 5 years. It was great to receive his ping. He is the cultural ambassador of India to Japan. And when asked what exactly was he up to he came up with “I go around, roam and come back, get F***ed, drink, dream and write poetry”. It came as a shock to me the grammar of the sentence. A person whom I looked up to in school for being completely idealistic and parliamentarian in his attitude and life came with a sentence which was so broad and lost in a sense.
We continued the discussion and I discovered he was actually doing just that and not making just another philosophical statement. He sits in the library and reads books, any and every that he can lay his hands on. He says he’s learnt a lot about Japanese culture and he likes it too.
We had a very elaborate discussion on life and humans and how the world plays such a huge part in helping us lose our innocence. He said that he had discovered his interest in anthropology during his stay at Bokaro and had decided to pursue humanities as his line of education and specialisation although he had amazing prospects in the field of science.
I feel great at being associated with such people as Pranav (that’s his name). Its so difficult to decide at an age of 18 as to what you want to do in the rest of your 80 years of life of which 40 are spent working and the rest spent clutching the stick and walking around your grandchildren and reading newspapers and spending all your life’s savings on medicines which the doctors make you believe will keep you alive for a few more years.
And here was a guy who knew that he wanted to study humanities and all bout human psychology and how human intellect has evolved over centuries. While I say this I too developed a strong interest in human psychology in the later part of my college life. And that interest clubbed with Pranav’s interest in anthropology fuelled our discussion into the field of human behaviour, intention, ego and various other aspects of the human thought.
I discovered that he’d fought his way through troubles and politics just as we all have done in our college and school. And that though he was a supremely talented, sincere and brainy chap, there were people in the high ranks of the institution he did his graduation from who were against his succeeding in life. And while they tried to hold him back quite a lot, in the end it was they who suffered a heavy setback at a heavy cost. The institution’s head who was strategically working against Pranav’s advantage was actually convicted for having a fake degree certificate and was thrown out of the institution. Pranav had managed to develop a mighty CV for himself over the course of his degree and earned the right for a scholarship he currently avails. But the concerned authority was not quite willing to let him have his way just because Pranav had questioned some of the rules imposed on the students by the head of the institution in public. Finally Pranav managed to get the scholarship and move on to the next platform of education and all because of his determination, perseverance and thirst to succeed.
The discussion certainly proved important, interesting and inspiring to me as it was quite an intense one and more importantly after a long gap of over 5 years.
The changes one undergoes is so vast and huge that its difficult to gauge the impact that all of the incidents have on oneself unless viewed from a distance.

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