Parents i tell you…

I wanna write a lot of things that have happened over the past 2 months… but before that i wanna write about somethiing thats so troubling to notice in today’s world in india especially… 

I was talking to one of my juniors from collge just now and i came to know how much parents put pressure on their children at times when the children need them the most…. She’d written her entrance exams for the engineering college admission poorly back when she’d finidhed her 12th satndard… and her mom refused to talk to her for 3 days on a trot… imagine the plight of the child… the child has done th exam poorly after burning the midnight lam  for so many months and when she fails to deliver due to reasons unknown.. the parents who’re the only support available to the children back off and refuse to show any sympathy to the same child they gave birth and raised to so caringly and lovingly… wat height of hipocrisy and what a way to fulfill your expectations out of your child’s life…. 
I had this other friend of mine who wants to be a singer.. And she was afraid to tell that to her parents.. she sings so beautifully and she’s also learnt classical singing for quite a few years now only that she’s not been able to be at it for long in a continuous stretch coz of her dad’s transfrable job… I advised her to go ful throttle and give it her best shot and all the time she can since she’s already fninshed her degree and so she aint got much to worry about far as job and stuff is considered.. She was afraid to tell it to her dad coz she feared he’d not support her in her dream of becoming a playb ack singer coz it is not considered to be a good profession for life… Oh what a shame.. 
Today we’re celebrating A.R.Rehman’s winning the Golden Globe and his receiving 3 nominations in the Oscars for the score he created for Slumdog Millionaire… But singing is something thats not at all good for my child… it aint secure.. Coz IF she fails to get to the limelight I am NOT gonna support her financially and back her up.. The SOCIETY will criticise me and my family for not giving enough wisdom to my children about wat choices to make and what not to.. 
That’s what we call the ‘open minded’ developing India of today.. the Next superpower in making… a country arguably the land of snake charmers.. only the snakes have been replaced by children and the charmers are the parents.. who cut off the imagination and creativity (fangs, with respect to the context) of the children and then make them dance to their tune till they are 23-25 and by then they’ve made sure that the children no longer have enough brains to think anything other than the path defined by them and that they’ll lead a ‘happy normal life’ from here on.. And in an year or so the child is married and then the charmer’s make-up is put on my the better half of the person and then the life goes on.. the marriage is done, honeymoon is planned and so are the number of children and the recipie is made in one of those scenically beautiful placed in India or abroad and they get back to the place they belong only to slog 18 hours a day working their asses off in the office.. the child takes birth… goes to school and finishes it and then to the college and by then these children who’ve now become parents of their children start living their dreams thru their children… so all that they were stopped from dreaming of is now dreamt of thru their children’s eyes… so there we go into anothe Indian family lifecycle.. And into the birht of another generation of bespectacled, ‘where am i’ nerdies who read thru books all day and learn stuff and vomit it in the examinations only to mint marks and make their parents happy… or on the contrary we have the torn shirt ‘i am here’ hooligans who’ve become rebellious as a result of their parents’ continuous advices and control over their lives and turn on to bully every single guy they meet… 
while the nerdies grow up to study hard and fly away with their brains to America to lick Bush’s asses or rather Obama’s as per the latest developments the other category go on to become serial killers or theives here in India or even better find a job with one of those highly famous gangs that we’ve named MNS, Hindu Parishad or those gangs that are registered and certified by the government like RSS,RJD and the list continues… the number of so called political parties is increasing in India faster than the storage space available in the gmail inbox i say… 
anyway.. i hope some of you guys who MIGHT just happen to read this by chance may end up being better parents for your children a few years from now or even better refuse a marriage to help control the population in india.. 
have a thoughtful day.. 

One thought on “Parents i tell you…

  1. I did think of that few months ago. To not have a child. Population was the last reason. Why bring a child to a society where her/his society is going to be exactly the same as I have had to see…I have already asked my parents to stop what they wanted their parents to stop.. again the pressure is on them, so I dont get to say much!

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