I’ve been in delhi for 2 months now… i came here as a result of my posting in TCS after the phase of training in trivandrum… I’d filled chennai and bangalore as my first 2 choices and the 3rd was delhi… even though i wanted to put delhi for the 1st position i had put chennai considering the IT field i was in and the fact that Chennai is definitely becoming the next Bangalore for India.. but then it had to be delhi eventually for me…  i was extremely happy for me while my  mom who’s born and brought up in delhi was a li’l upset, petrified and no so approving of the fact… all the talk of delhi guys being too audicious in their speech and actions and the gals being worse and not excluding the bomb blasts has my mom’s mind all built against the city.. but one thing never gets affected whatever and thats the markets here in delhi.. she’d do anything to shop here at delhi and the way shhe bargains makes me pity the shopkeepers completely… but then u later find out that the stuff he claimed to be of 1000 bucks was actually sold to you for 150 bucks..(and for those who’ve never made it to delhi i’m not exaggerating any bit guys).. thats how things are here… u gotta bargain for eveything everywhere except for the bus tickets.. infact truly speaking even those can be bargained for as these guys do by saying that they’re getting down in the next stop and so they don need a ticket.. i tell you… this capital city of our nation portrays in the best way the many facets of our country… 

there are BMWs and Audis on the roads and there are beggars who knock on the door of the cars and beg for food… it has the most merciless summer after bihar and winter too… there aint much of rains here but there are occassional showers of heavy rains which last a day or so.. on the whole the  monsoon lasts for a month.. 
thats the country or ya.. 
we’ve the India Gate which is a monument built to mark the sacrifice made by our soldiers in the various wars till the chinese war.. and we also have terrorists bombing the city all through the year… we have the latest malls in the country in places like noida, gurgaon and gaziabad(not exacly delhi but NCR) while on the other side we have the old rustic chandni chowk and paranthe wali galli with about 40-50 wires hanging from a single electric pole..
so on the whole this place is a wonder and a wonderful place as a result… 
i had my month long training in NOIDA and there we went to the big malls and had loads of “chole kulchas” and gualb jamuns.. all that we’d missed badly back in chennai… we had a great time during the training phase.. the training staff being a bengali had this overwhelming bengali accent to his english.. with while going “BHAIIL”, and will going to be “OOWHHILL”… one question he loved to ask was “will it compile” and if u know a true begali go and tell him this sentence and get him to blurt it out for ya.. and i can bet, you’re gonna roll on the floor laughing.. bengals are the best entertainers far as linguisitcs are concerned.. but then having said that.. most literary works have come from bengalis only.. so there are both extremes in there… 
so that was one part of the story… i’m not gonna talk about my HR or the local training head for it might create problems lest the Trivandrum guys track me down and get a look at this blog… i l believe thats all they do all day long.. looking out for guys who’ve made things public anything about TCS.. and then they report the incident and get that guy f*****.. 🙂 
noida was over in a month.. we had about 100 gallons of coffee totally there.. with about 5-6 cups going down our esophagus daily i’m happy i dint turn into an addict… otherwise i’d me echoing my parents’ words of complains of headaches due to lack of a cup of coffee in the workplace (and this is after having 7 cups in the day.. the lack of the 8th cup caused the headache it seems.. Gosh!!!!!) anyway.. soon as my training got over we 3 guys got together and took up a house in Malviya Nagar on rent.. and the day i declared that to mom and dad, mom made plans of visiting me and i had to stall my plans for christmas and new yaer.. coz she was coming on the 25th and leaving on the 31st… bang!!! bang!!! 2 targets in one shot… thats my mom.. one of the reasons i’ve seldom managed to brea rules in my life.. 🙂 
but the one week she spent here was great… we went to chandni showk, connaught place, aplika bazar, sarojini market, red fort and shopped like madcaps .. it was a fun filled one week… a rare one for it was one of those times when I took her for shopping instead of she dragging me along and me protesting to get back home feeling extremely bored of getting into and out of shops… this time it was me spending which changed the equations… 
so she left for home on the 31st and i got back to the new home and trust me it was the worst new year ever celebrated… we were on a bed watching some ‘good’ english movie till 12:30  and at 12:00 one of my roommies cmae and wished us a new year and we wished him back and wished the other too and then slept off.. (the narration itself is so demoralisiing aint it?? i knw.. 😦 ).. from the next day onwards we were going to the office daily and sigining on an unattended register and getting back home… we went off to CP and Qutab minar once and then that was it.. and the schedule hasn’t changed a bit til today.. we go to the office by 1, sign, have a tea and then get back by 2-2:30 and then watch a movie… surf the internet, sleep off till 7:30 or so and then we again surf or go out and have some junk stuff and then get back for the next movie of the day.. watch it with the dinner and post dinner and then we continue surfing and the sleep by 1,2 or 3… again get up by ten and the routine continues.. 
heavenly it sounds doesn’t it?? 🙂  i knw thats the life here.. a paid holiday in the true sense.. but then it aint gonna last too long i came to know.. my RMG says i’m gonna get a project in about 2-3 weeks and then its all gonna be strs that i’ll be able to see and sleep will be something that’ll sound alien to me… 🙂 
but to be frank its been a great 2 months here in delhi and i wish the hjourney continues… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Delhi….

  1. You had recognised the legendary Bengali secret of spellings “Ohat, Ohay, Ouhen” all they way in 2009 – wow. * Applause*

  2. Oh… you don’t know the history of where it originated do you.. It started way back in my childhood, when i was around 10.. My sister’s guitar teacher was a bengali.. He used to speak like Pronob Mukherjee, or Mamata Banerjee.. and it made it very tough for me to keep a straight face.. and i being the mimic artist, started mimicking him at home.. and that’s how it started.. 🙂

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