Aaruush ’08

to begin with i must say i was well determined to make it to this year’s edition of Aaruush.. the first after the creation of the tech fest itself.. SRM had a guy who imagined something that SRM had failed to imagine for 20 yrs of its history in the engineering college field… Amit Kmar Pandey, ‘Bhaiji’ as he’s called by all of us lovingly had an idea to organise a big event which would put SRM on the national stage, where the great minds from all the colleges of teh country would converge to innovate and create asome of the best working models of different ideas they had with themselves… and so he got together with Bikash Agarwal and they formed a team of 8 guys and 2 girls who’d be called the organisiing team of the Aaruush’07-a National Level Tech Fest..
and then started the hunt for the events and the different committee heads and other peripherals where i came into picture as the hospitality head along with our very own Swami(the guy who couldn’t do without starting any and evey sentence with an abuse).. al this happened a month before teh event was scheduled to take place.. and thats when i came to know bhaiji and few more characters bout whom i’ll be extrapolating later..
and so Aaruush was conducted successfully and it had become a braand nae indeed, so much that the IITs came in with ofers of collaboration with the winers of the events.. and having seen such a meteoric rise in the branding of Aaruush it excited us all the more to witness the next big thing… me and iyer had promised Anuradha ma’am and the organising team already bout us being a part of the event at all costs… amit bhai was doubtful bout his presence which was confirmed at the lazt inute thanks to the convocation which was organised 2 days prior to the event.. and thus the plan was taking shape..
talking bout Iyer.. i had met him too in Aaruush and then we were just kinda normal friends and the house thingy began in our coll tahts when we met a li’l frequently on the culturals platform and i cant quite recall exactly when the ice broke off completely betweent he two of us and we got real close.. and are still the same.. a great bonding frankly… and somewhere post milan we guys happened to plan a trip to mahabalipuram.. we fooled a guy into lending his bike to us and then rode off to mahab and back.. it was a freaky, fun filed trip totally.. and thats where we discovered our traveling interests as to being common.. we tried to imrovise on the mahab trip but couldn’t mak it in coll.. later on it was fun tho..
moving on we had another guy in the plan.. Prakash- hamare expert dealer.. he has all the possible set of questions and answers for any and every given situation/topic/discussion/debate in the world… i gues thats enuf to describe the guy.. oh ya and two more things…. he has this pony which calculatively weighs more than his body(head excluded, it contains loads of shit).. and that he was my flatmate for 2 yrs of my engineering life…
moving on.. i went to delhi on the 2nd of sept to Iyer’s houe and we spent sme real great time roaming old delhi and going on a NFS ride with Vilas(Iyer’s younger bro) in his alto… the first one was great.. the altter was a li’l tought to handle.. had to control shitting in my trousers everytime he got periliously close to another car or bike on the road or when he ventured into a turning at 60kmph….
so after my delhi trip was over me,Iyer,Prakash teamed up to leave for chennai and met wAmit bhai there.. and then started the whole freakout… we guys went for RockON!!! night show after meeting up the day after the convocation… and returned by auto at 2 in the night.. was super fun. chatted till 3 at night with amit bhai in the dorm where we were given beds by the hospitality guys .. the beds which according to amit bhai re described as “bhaiji jahan dabna chahiye wahin dab raha hai!!!” was hillarius indeed…
and the next day we guys got up and did all the sandy work in umang’s room (our poor junior friend who seldom came back from the coll all night) and took bath and went to the coll and met p sme people arouund and our respective “friends” and then again got together in the eve for another movie “a wenesday” taht night was freaky again.. with amit bhai’s animations on the high and so were his ultimate jokes and analysis of every situation.. the next day was a trip to besant nagar beach… we took a bus from tambaram wich is half hour frm our col.. and boy the traffic we had tat night was god damn shitty… took us 2 hrs of bus journey to reach the beach… we walked to the water and sat down to chat.. and then we had a great singing sesson where we started off with “ye dosti hum nahi todenge” all singing in chorus.. all the couples having a romantic time in teh beach were awakened.. ha ha… 🙂 we recorded all of it…
we then went to the Murugan Idli shop and had a hearty dinner.. and then to baskin robins for an ice cream dessert…. al sonsored by our own bala bhai…. 🙂
the next 3 days were mostly back in the hostel and the col.. we pent time together chatting and having real good fun… the last day was marked with the treat we were offered at the SRM hotel by the organising team.. was a great treat…..
and then we went to Anuradha Ma’am’s place the enxt morning for a puja… and had a nice lunch.. full south indian style on banana leaf… 🙂 and then…. we had sme real good chat, fun and laughter with ma’am.. al kinds of leg pulling and mimicry and anecdotes narrated to ma’am… and not to miss mentioning the ‘mast’ kesari that ma’am had made.. me and Iyer were fida over the kesari./… simple one of the best i’ve had in my life so far being a sweet maniac.. 🙂
i guess the time to part was something none of us wanted to happen so soon.. but it was inevitable and thus we went our ways, me to my aunt’s, amit bhai back home and iyer and prakash onto bangalore and tehn to delhi…
miss those days.. somethings cant jus be forgotten eaily.. those days are one of them in mylife…
thansk t oall the great guys out there for making the trip so special…
Rock On for life guys!!!!!!!!!


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