another day gone..

But here i am in prison,Here i am with a ball and chain, yeah.. – Metallica

Well it wasn’t a very good day today.. but in a sense it was a good day too.. lemme begin with me getting up really late today morning… and not going to the gym.. i just wiled away my time doing nothing till my mom left for school.. after which i put on the comp and watched Eragon half way thru before losing interest… then slept off for an hour and got up and had lunch and slept off back again.. got up and went for getting my mobile repaired.. that piece of shit which never ceases to go bonkers and create problems on after the other for me.. in the past 3 months i haven’t used tat phone for an hour in total and still it manages to go wild and crazy every time i touch it… i don think I’ve a luck with phones.. with a record of having changed 4 phones over the course of my engineering life i feel I’m very bad at handling these devices which serve only the delicate darlings and not so the rough handlers of my race.. anyway that was that and the good part was i took out my bike and rode it all the way to the shopping mall.. twas a great feeling to be a child back again.. remember the school days having to cycle my bike all the way thru to the school with friends and those trips back home with all the shabby look and cycling in groups of 6-8 covering the whole road literally… and passing comments on the ‘couples’ which used to cycle together all the way back from school.. was a real fun having lived those days… probably only a small city like Bokaro could’ve given me that experience.. i hardly see the kids cycling in big cities, public transport being the major mode of travel due to the long distances and intense traffic on the roads.. i plan to take it along with me tot he work place… but that’s a distant thought… the other good thing was i finally managed to call up Sushmitha and talk to her bout the happening back in Chennai…sad that she dint make it to the next round of the Airtel Super Singers.. surprises me to the limit at the thought of the channels pre-planning these ‘reality shows” (the hell with reality) and how manipulative their decision making is.. there’s not a bit of respect or sincerity in the jobs they do.. shames me to think ta we watch such programs and increase the TRP ratings and help them earn money in millions… and it gives me jitters to think as to when will this business of corruption be lifted and truth be realised.. well its too philosophical a thought i comprehend for this mean world and its greedy beings… i believe we need to stand against this and Ive it a fight for if we don’t kill it today it’ll kill us tomo… sooner the better.. anyway.. now coming back to the bad part.. its the fact that my parents refused to let me go to the trip of MP which i had planned.. it included visits to Khajurao, Ujjain, Gwalior and Jhansi.. the reason being that there are a lot of kidnappings and stuff happening on the way.. and it makes me laugh to think of tat as a reason for a refusal… danger is everywhere in the world.. u never know when the lightening might strike u on a rainy night and that’s the end of it.. or when u might just slip and fall on a sharp thing only for it to find your neck to pierce into.. but all such happenings doesn’t prevent us from living life altogether.. after all risks are part of life and who’s to put this into the minds of the parents.. dad says i need to have anther person going with me else he ain’t letting me go alone.. trust me I’m just so disappointed with myself at the moment.. i hate to say it again but i curse my luck to no extent.. whenever I’ve planned an outing I’ve always failed in making it…. god knows just how things shape up in some way or the other to prevent me from making the trip..
i hope i find some avenues of happiness in the near future other than just he Internet, TV and novels..
signing off..


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