I’m Back!!! :)

Its 11 in the night here and I’m just convincing myself to finally put an entry into the blog after a 2 month break… I feel highly ashamed when i look at the timeline on the right side to notice how much each post has striven to come up to this blog… everyday i wake up thinking need to update the blog today at any cost and the day goes past like no one’s business.. anyway.. getting back to the point.. its been over 3 months since i last updated the blog and these three months have been quite good in a way to say.. major part of the “good” being the last one month of full 100% relaxation that I’ve experienced here at home without a wee bit of worry or issue in my mind.. and utmost freedom to do anything and everything i like [within the limits of the social norms :)]the exams were as usual the worst part of the last semester… the final project review was a satisfying encounter for once.. wherein i experienced a sense of achievement in having run the program in our rotten lab on the very first day having debugged the problems i faced in the course, myself.. the day before the review we called up a so-called “project Meeting” in the canteen in the hostel campus only to end up eating jalebis and masala dosas and teasing sushmitha away to glory.. before the review we were all bonkers as we usually are.. as unorganised and disoriented as one can be and we entered the room and started the presentation only to be booed by the external.. he shot 3 questions at us… the answers to two of them were unknown to us and so we bluntly accepted the fact on the face and the third was also unknown but we manged to pull out a story and silence him.. that was it and then was the sense of freedom that i hadn’t experienced for a long time in my life.. went home packed stuff and finished all the wrapping u stuff which eventually stretched all the way up to 2 days later till my date of departure and i finally got over with it and left the city which had given me so much to cherish for… today i look back at my life spent in college and even though i find myself having missed out on a lot of opportunities and not made the most of the enjoyment that i could’ve had i still feel proud for having achieved all that i achieved and having made a name for myself in the crowd of 200 students of my batch and 1000 people of the college inclusive of the management… an achievement which was my goal right from the 23rd of July 2004, the day my college life began… that is one satisfaction I’m thankful to have and i must stress on my luck factor here.. i was chosen as the secretary of Milan on a lottery and then on my life has changed a big deal… tho there’s another factor which propelled me to that stage of lottery and that was the event of becoming the house captain of my house.. and i wont steal the credit away from the one who deserves it the most.. sushmitha i remember called me up and persuaded me to attend the auditions and give it a shot.. and that set the tone for the success story ahead…the final year was convincingly the most eventful year of my college life… to have been part of such teams which had the potential to organise and conduct events of scale magnified as Aaruush and Milan and Cressida is an honor to me.. there’s lot more to my college life which i Hope to share with all in the next few days hoping that at least this time I’d be able to maintain my determination and successfully post my posts on the blog on a regular basis.. keep visiting… i promise to write more frequently now on.. wanting to relive all those moments of my beautiful college life..
signing off for now


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