well its just so kinda perfect that the last time i wrote the blog was when i’d been appointed the
Cultural Secretary of my college and we were starting on the plans to conduct Milan ’08. and here i’m today one week post Milan having done everything and made pple happy to the extent i wanted.. all in all a great show was the feedback tho the loopholes and the backstage(literally too) bloopers are known only to us orgainzers.. but till the audience dowsnt knw the mistake it aint a prob.. 🙂
but on the whole i still remember the day we set out with the plan and the days post it….. we were so wrong in so many places, publicity in ganesh’s hands, so many confusions and flops.. and thats around when i got my first blasting (of the hundreds) from Anuradha Ma’am – our mentor and guide. a lady of such command and respect you’d shudder in her presence and yet would feel the softnes of her motherly affection and a typical touch of an experienced person wanting to help you out thru the situations. boy i remember how she was talking to me trying to supress her anger and just when ganesh so\poke out she literally blew off and bang!! bang!! bang!! came the sound reverberating in the room for the next 15 odd min.
boy i literally lost my skin there.. those hurl of insults of not being a good leader and lacking
commitment and the fire to make a change and improve things.. etc.. phew!! but today when i look back at it i relaise the importance of all those words, how it pushed me to try harder to achieve and to set higher goals in the short span of time.. to give it the extra and yet maintain the limits.. and then we somehow cleared the publicity phase and ended up packaging 897 envelopes in 3 hours thanks to our first year volunteers who sat thru till 2:30 and finished the job.. and i do have a video of that which i’ll be posting soon..
after that phase got over we had the next phase of event management and t-shirts.. the event management was fine in farhan’s hands and for the t-shirts it was vidhu.
we managed some designs but it was difficult to meet ma’am’s expectations.. we continued developing more designs. and in the mean time ma’am had to make a tirp to delhi. it made things difficult for us as every confirmation would’ve to be mailed and then only forwarded for printing..
we also had to print the sonsorship brouchers and put the correct slabs which was a difficult task
considering the fact that the event was in march and oit was the fiscal year end which made it difficult for companies to invest.. that was always a point of concern for us..
then we started dispatching the guys for sponsorship and publicity.. the cycle tests played a spoilt sport coming right at the nick of the time delaying the process of publicity and sponsorship both. and then came the next shunk of stone on our head. the “Butterflies” project. VC asked wats different about Milan?? and we had no answer then came the thought of individual social responsibility.. we had a brain storming session by Anuradha Ma’am and then we went on to frame a structure for the event calling up 20 schools in the district and then arranging games and culturals for them. me sushhmitha and sriram from SPW(Studnts partnership worldwide) went towards kancheepuram and arvind divya and rex went towards tamb and vandalur.
we managed a total of 18 schools together, 8 by our group and 10 by them.the next phase was of designing the whole structure and deciding on wats gonna be the execution plan.. we sat and did the scheduling and in the mean while i had to design the stickers to be put on the medals and
shields and the certificate designs also.. and just whn i was planning it out i got a call from ma’am and that day i realised just how wild she can
get at someone.. she slammed the phone half way thru the conversation saying “i don wanna talk anymore”.. that hit like a thunder and then i had to finish the designing that night itself and give it the next morning…. i sat and designed it by 3:00 am and then next morning got up and went to tamb to give it for printing only to find her not happy with the designs in the evening… and before all this we had a trip down to ma’am’s place on her invite.. we discussed each one’s respnsibilities and the things required both for milan and butterflies together.. it was a great evening, we all had lunch and tea and met panakj- ma’am’s son.. a sweet simple guy who
reminded me of myself whe i was in tenth standard.. anyway.. so the butterfly proj materialised and we moved ahead to that day’s morning and the function started amid all confusions, lack of volunteers, communication gap, lack of facilities and the commmotion among the children phew!!! wat a day i must tell u and me and sushmitha were facing the barrel all day long, anuradha ma’am would just not stop anywhere at all.. all thru the day we kept getting scoldings one after the other.. god… i was at least used to it but sush was all new to it and boy one shud’ve looked at her face by the end of the day, she was faamished and wasted in a sense, as if wanting to giove up all connections with such activities and most importatnly ma’am. but then the recovery time was short and we were back on track with milan.. things kept going and then there was this phase of complete stress where ma’am was out of town and things were getting delayed a li’l too much.. then sush and amit took care of the sponsorship and the other issues
too.. it was great to have the support of both at the last moment, amit bhai for all his experience with the management and with conducting events and sush for the sincere and responsible self and then not to forget divya who helped a great deal both in butterflies and milan to manage the events part which is one of the toughest parts.. actually close friends like these help you morally and build your stamina to work and confidence in the system.. thats wxactly wat these guys did for me by continuously talking to me and showing me the develpments..
finally it was the day of the inaug and the crowd was tremendous, the choreonite continnued and the crowd just loved it fully, excepot for the over influx of crowd everything went fine. i must stop here and mention the su[pport we got from the management and the associate director, john thiruvadigal sir, and the staff in the smooth conduction of the event.. it was simply great..
finally to convlude it all went quite smooth except fot he rock show where we faced a bit of security concern, which was predicted and inevitable in ways more than one, the rest went wuite hassle free.. asha ji came and spoke so beautifully and sang that lovely song “churaliya hai tumne jo dil ko” which had us all stand in aw of her.. and then the honor of recieving the trophy from asha ji on the dias.. (the award being for lokesh a guy who won the oustanding award but was not in the audi to recv it)and the honor of having lunch with asha ji was just overwhelming..
all in all a gret experience to look back to and pleasure and honor to have been an integral part of the whole event..thanks a hell lot to each and every individual who helped us conduct the event right from the volunteers to event managers to committee heads, the audience who came to watch it and cheer in the right spririt and most importantly the management and maintenance staff who did all the ground work with providing the facilities and amenities..
hats off to all you guys..
signing off Akki…


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