Milan Comes to an End

Well it’s just so kind of perfect that the last time I wrote the blog was when I’d been appointed the Cultural Secretary of my college and we were starting on the plans to conduct Milan ’08. And here I’m today one week post Milan having done everything and made people happy to the extent I wanted… all in all a great show was the feedback tho the loopholes and the backstage(literally too) bloopers are known only to us orgainzers.. But till the audience doesn’t know the mistake it isn’t a prob… 🙂

But on the whole I still remember the day we set out with the plan and the days post it….. We were so wrong in so many places, publicity in the wrong hands, so many confusions and flops… and thats around when I got my first blasting (of the hundreds) from Anuradha Ma’am – our mentor and guide. A lady of such command and respect you’d shudder in her presence and yet would feel the softness of her motherly affection and a typical touch of an experienced person wanting to help you out thru the situations. Boy I remember how she was talking to me trying to suppress her anger and just when Ganesh spoke out she literally blew off and bang!! Bang!! Bang!! Came the sound reverberating in the room for the next 15 odd min.

I literally lost my skin there… those hurl of insults of not being a good leader and lacking commitment and the fire to make a change and improve things… etc… Phew!! but today when I look back at it I realize the importance of all those words, how it pushed me to try harder to achieve and to set higher goals in the short span of time.. To give it the extra and yet maintain the limits…

And then we somehow cleared the publicity phase and ended up getting 897 envelopes ready in 3 hours thanks to our first year volunteers who sat thru till 2:30 and finished the job… and I do have a video of that which i’ll be posting soon…

After that phase got over we had the next phase of event management and t-shirts… the event management was fine in farhan’s hands and for the t-shirts it was vidhu.

We managed some designs but it was difficult to meet madam’s expectations… we continued dveloping more designs. And in the mean time ma’am had to make a trip to Delhi. It made things difficult for us as every confirmation would’ve to be mailed and then only forwarded for printing…

We also had to print the sponsorship broachers and put the correct slabs which was a difficult task considering the fact that the event was in March and it was the fiscal year end which made it difficult for companies to invest…
And so till the end we never had a main sponsor for our event. Unrelated ma’am continued to motivate us and go for the event with full planning. The next phase was the events, we decided on the events and the rules and regulations had to be finalized which Farhan and Ankita took care of very well I must admit and applaud at the same time. The events went on completely fine. There were some flaws in the rules which prevented a fool proof handling of events but that’s something we cant make sure of completely considering the time given to us and the limited resources.
We had to decide on the finance guy and it was a tough decision, we ended up with Damodaran taking up the treasury. And I’m extremely happy today for him being chosen as THE guy for he was the most planned and structured guy among all we organizers.
There was maintenance which was handled by Arvind considering he knew the language very well and also the people because he was a NCC cadet and he’d spent most number of hours in the college along with Damodaran, so he knew a lot of the maintenance guys.
The last responsibility was that of the T-shirts and the rock show tickets, the thought of which still brings shivers down my spine. It was certainly a disaster. Rather the only major disaster we had in the whole of Milan.
We had a lot of other people along with us who’d worked for us earlier in Aaruush like Dhivya, Sushmitha, Amit bhai himself, Iyer, Prakash, Vineeth, Yashita, Umang, Sriram, Vignesh, Yuvraj, Manish, Kumaran, Kishore, Bhargavi (Junior), Pooja and many more.
We also had all my batch mates from the girls’ hostel working on the decoration part. It was a fantastic event indeed… I came to know a lot of people and lot of them came to know me.
The confluence of all the years together and students from all parts of the country and walks of life coming and working together to make the whole event a success was something we could only imagine a few years ago.
The event finally kicked off with the inaugural and the 3 days passed with the rock show being a super flop with all the hooligans going nuts after consuming alcohol. And the event finally came to an end with Asha Bhonsle Bhonsleji coming to the college and singing the song “Churaliya hai tumne jo dil ko… “ for all of us. And at the end of all the most satisfying sight of all was to see a smile on Anuradha Ma’am’s face and she congratulating me on the success of the event. Like I’ve always told it was always a team work and I alone couldn’t have done even 1% of what was done and most of the credit goes to all those who toiled night and day in the college campus calling sponsors, preparing the schedule, getting the venues ready, publicizing the event, decorating the campus, putting up posters, going around for sponsors and managing the different departments of the event.
Sincere thanks to all of those who were a part of the team and who did and dint like the show both. Thanks a lot for the criticism and the applause equally. It’s a result of all of it that I’m what I’m today mentally and knowledge wise.

Signing off


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