well did i ever mention in the last blog tat it was my mom’s birthdya i wrote tat on??? well in a way i’m happy i dint celebrate it cozit was a day we lost one of our most loved uncles back in bokaro. Mr.Govil, rahul’s father happen to meet with an accident in the plant back in bokaro at about 4:45 on the 14th of december 2007.

i wasnt informed of the demise on that day tho i called up to wish mom once more inthe evening. but while i wished her i could feel the uneasiness in her voice a difficult, made up smile or laugh kinda just to lemme knw “ya ok son…” only to find it later on tat sucha a catastrophe had struck our life. 2 days later i was out with srinath, sinduja and sush when i get a call from mom saying that such n such a thing had happened, and i’m hit by this shock unexplainable…

i’m just yearning to get bak hme but this time not to see mom but rahul, kanu and aunty the state of whom worries me extremely. so the day i land in bok i make a trip down to their place and i cant stop cursing god himself for being so rude on people who are so jovial and who live life to the fullest.

man.. uncle was this centre of energy, his presence would just lighten up the whole room, his wity jokes, leg pulling and those loud laughs, all that i was looking forward to experience once more in my visit to bokaro. and this shock was wat was awaiting me.

well all i can say is good people are not good enough for this bad bad world…

i spend my hols thinking about him while relaxing myself fully anf edying myself for the upcoming semester not knowing wats in store.. but it was truly great to be without the mobile and those continuous messages for 23 days at a stretch.. god.. wat a relief. . .

took full advantage of the winter, bathed in the sun in the afternoons solving crossword and sudoku with mom…

the holidays ended and i come back here only to find that PG guys wanteda culturals and that was to be a competition. we had 2 days to prepare. god… one hel of a time motivating the guys to do somethin on the stage.. bloody hell.. ended up not doing anything for the variety show and losing 300 whole lotta precious points. but anyway was fun in all..

and on the day of th culturals i find that i’d lost another gem.. abhishek, our guy, that ever laughing and giggling guy who’d never once frown on anything at all.. lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every moment, passed away after he fell off the local train 2 days before leaving for home.

the irony is i was being sent notices of one abhishek having passed away, but never in the wildest of my dreams would i think it could be this guy…the news was jus too shocking for me at that moment of time…..

well i was in a state of trans the whole day that day.. not wanting to believe the news and yet not being able to drive it off or negate it.. life had to move on.. i stil remember the days me and swami used to tease him to death ain front of the canteen and all three of us wud love that period of fun.. next day gaain we’d meet up in the same place and play the smae thing over again laughing and giggling… well i’m falling short of words to express my feeling at the moment… those few people who teach u how to live life and help u smile or laugh at times making you forget your worries and tensions for a moment are suddenly struck off this very domain of life and the fact that they’re gonna remainunavailable for eternity sends a chill down my spine.. its so intriguing and so shocking a concept this death… and ironically more forthe ones who are left alive behind than the one who passes away..

anyway.. i’m back in chennai and after the PG culturals we’re treated with this proposal of conducting Milan ’08.. and we chalk down the possibilities and the impossiblities of conducting the evnet onthe national scale..

and we end up decind on the postive side and going ahead with the project. the four captains becomethe core committee intially and we’ve top elecet one guy to be the reresentative, and initally i’m elected after which we go for a lottery and pck up a chit and eventually my name turns up agian for the post confirming the post for me.. so here i’m CULTURAL SECRETARY, SRM University..

well it looks wuite good doenst it.. but like he says in siderman “with power comes responsibility” and that s wat is the toughest part to be 100 % committed to the work and be responsible and make the right choices.. well i’v eatken up the resposiblity and i’m not backing off come wat may.. neither m i i giving anything less than my 100%.. we just hafta see the results..

to end this post this is the first night i’ve slept in the room here.. just to mark the event i thot wud be good. many mre such nights are to come…

see ya guys…

tak care..

akki….. 🙂


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