I’m Coming Home Now!!!

Hmm… after a week full of exams i finally square in on one exam that was kinda satisfying… i finally wrote some stuff i knew with some confidence unlike in the case of the other exams…
but still ended up not quite writing it satisfactorily..
then went and met Derin… he’s leaving on the 17th..
nice guy… burly fellow, with a coarse voice and a hard laugh.. chuckle like tat of the Disney character “goofy” … i remember how he’d crack jokes while in the prayer meetings while Enoch brother wud be preaching and make us laugh… it was tough to laugh and pretend like we were laughing.. coz then Enoch brother wud insult us to death.. 🙂
those were the days… the outing to enoch brother’s place on his birthday.. how we all drove Derin nutssss… put cake all over his face and took snaps while he as struggling to let go…
god… wat fun.. he’s got the best humor.. seriously.. a very funny guy…
will miss him.. not tat I’ve spent a lot o time wit him but whatever was spent was fruitful and great!!!!!
anyway.. as for the rest.. i booked my ticket today.. was done in five min. felt great.. filled the form submitted got the ticket paid and came.. .cool!!!
finally just a week away from home…. wat a feeling… 🙂
chalo.. I’ll sign off now and go off to sleep.. gotta get up and study for the next battle.. UNIX as it turns out to be is the next one… it ain’t a battle.. its a WAR!!!!!!
chalo.. take care..


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