I’m a a day late… yesterday was a great day and yet quite a dull one..
Started studying in the morning for the next exam “software testing” finished one unit and called up the passport agent to confirm if he’d recd the docs and if all o them were correct.. he asked me to come and sign the forms..
so den left for T Nagar in the afternoon by 3.. bloody the stench of Ranganathan street was so bad, the very thought o it makes me feel nauseatic.. YUCK!!!!!!!!
anyway i had to walk through that street and then thru the G.N.Chetty road to reach kasi arcade where the agent is.. i went there and signed all the docs only to realise at the last moment that the DOB he’d entered was incorrect.. lucky it was though that i found it unlike my general self.. he took out the printouts of the form all over again and made me sign thru it.. and THEN… all the job was done and I’d accomplished a HUGE!!!! task in my life.. that which i was fighting for from may this year.. Phew!!!
i couldn’t resist but msg papa that the mission had been accomplished.. and so i did.. receiving a “CONGRATULATIONS!!! WELL DONE!!”msg from him..
well it was great till then.. got back home and sat down to study n finish 2 units.. and believe me i did just five pages till 12 in the night..
and then was just so dam frustrated with my commitment level that i sat thru til 3 to finish that unit b4 going to sleep..
and today its been quite dull getting up at ten and studying this dry subject…
anyway.. gotta finish the whole thing by tonight.. revise everything tomm morning then leave for Gayathri’s akka’s engagement…
chalo tats it for now..


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