Football.. The Religion!!!!

I just finished watching the FIFA World Cup 2006 highlights on a DVD my roommate partha had bought… and i feel just so overwhelmed and yet so sad at the happenings.. The win for Italy which was historic considering the drug scandals that hit the domestic football in the country and the problems the players had to face, they fought their way thru to the finals never being the favorites and in the end took away the cup… whereas France on the other hand was a team with Thiery Henry, The greatest of all Zinadine Zidane and players like Patrick Viera, goal keeper Fabien Barthez etc was always an easy pick for a favorite..
a very historic tournament which had a lot of landmarks and moments to be noted for a long time, Michael Owen exiting the English team early, Beckham’s last international match of his life, same was for the great Luis Figo ad of course the legendary ZIZU.. And how could I ever forget the Brazilians. The gods of the game, they rule it, yet this time with players like Roberto Carlos, Ronaldhinio, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Kaka, Robinho they couldn’t capitalize on the chances they had and exited in the semis…
Argentina too had the same fate…

The saddest part was the “Head butt” by ZIZU which became a famous incident, one that Zizu would never be able to forget though he’d always wish it were erased form the pages of history…And ending none of us and least he himself wouldn’t have dreamt. A career marked by sheer sincerity, passion, dedication and discipline should have an ending as this is dreadful to even think of. And worst part being it wasn’t his mistake. It was a statement/comment by Materazzi which made him stop and look back and wait for Materazzi to come and receive the head butt… but cmoe what may we all know that the greatness of the man will never go for an incident as this. For it is in what he’s achieved that greatness lies and not in what happened as a result of a circumstance… its always easy to sit back on a sofa and analyse things that others have done, the actions of a man at any given instant can never be negated, because the mental state of that man in that situation as a result of a few circumstances can never be realised by any other indivaidual than the man himself..
Adios to the great players who won’t be a part of the next world cup…
Looking forward to seeing more such greats emerge in course of time… FOOTBALL is the only religion which preaches equality and inspires us all… practice it!!!
Long live the religion and its followers


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