Good Morining!!!!
What a start to the day… uff… slept at 4:45 am after being on the phone till then (:0)) and at 8 i have this owner (a real loud mouth bastard) ringing the bell on and on and on… i finally get up and he comes up with the demand of paying 5500 for this rat hole… and claims we’d not given 1000 bucks last month.. so i kinda fight wit him and confirm things wit my roommates none o whom has got up and then finally send him off paying just 6000 bucks.. so 1100 still to go..
then i sleep back only to have this asshole salesman dropping in.. bloody bugging… i slam the door right in his face and go back to bed.. just wen I’ve managed to get back my sleep this cook turns up…. the lady who doesn’t come one min before 11 has turned up at 9:15 today..
gosh!!!!!!!! i go buy the vegetables and everything only to return back to hear her say there is more to buy.. so i make a second trip..
Pooh!!! and here I’m finally… Holy Christ!!! got 4 units to b done for tom’s exam. its JAVA.. easy tho still code snippets need to be done with getting clear with the theory properly too..
anyway so that’s the start o the day.. lets see how it proceeds..
have a great day!!!


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