It was a greattttttttttt day today..
went to coll to update my passbook… got done wit it like(snap!) that..
and then had my patent lunch “egg rice” at the VSP canteen on the highway… then took the next train and cruised to mambalam, got down and walked thru that god forsaken ranganathan street stinking wit the aroma of garbage dump which is being periodically mashed and made into a pulp by the million prople walking over it.. it took me bout half hour b4 i cud walk thru tat street with the pilgrimage crowd moving like a snail (wat these tamilians genenrally do).. and then pulled out sme money frm the atm and walked to the agent in “kasi arcade”(tat name does ring sme bellls don’t it??).. LUCKILY he wasn’t there to ask me to bring mre docs.. so ijust gave it over to his asst and then paid the money and walked off merrily….
then started the super cool day and why do i call it tat wud b knwn by wats cming up…
i stopped to have a coconut and asked specifically for the one wit thengai… and then walked further to buy a packet o cherry… ooooooooooo i jus LOU them…. 🙂
and then i saw this kheera wala… and bought kheera wit masala on them… oooo.. super cool yaar.. then went on to buy a couple o bermudas for dad.. bargained mast me.. i was so delighted wit myself yaar…
been agreat day so far.. and now chatting wit jai… wat mre do u need to mak u happy..
chalo i’ll sign out for the day..
gotta start studying java.. thats the next pothole… 🙂


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