Life’s going plain… Nothing great tho.. exams going on.. getting bashed up to a pulp in eeryone o them.. never given sucha an exam in mymengineering life.. been definitely the worst… we start just the evening before the exam and conk off by 2-3 in the night having done just 2.5 – 3 units.. the rest “1” unit left to be studied in the morning… which means out o the total 5 units we’re attempting to study only 4 units and we make thru to 3 units… go in the exam all hot with tension expecting the paper to be manageable.. u get the paper and come to know that your career is under threat again… u might just manage an arrear and lose the job u just earned about 6 months back!!!
god and even then u are happy having written 3 ten mark questions half-heartedly… and then the two marks are yet to open up…
the rest 2 ten mark questions are answered wit the best points that an engineer can emulate at any given time(pun intended)..
and then u fill all the crap u know bout the subject to fill pages just hoping that the examiner pities your condition and awards you some decent marks to pass with… 🙂
boy wat a experience…
so having said all that.. all i wanted to put thru to you all was that this is exactly wat i’ve been doing in the 3 exams given so far.. and as it goes without saying, i’
m gonna repeat history in the coming exams… 🙂

happy blogging..


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